Froma family business to an international company!

G.G.Z. Ltd. owns a salad factory and a large dairy that have already been operating for tens of years in the West Bank and also export around the world under the name Al Jebrini Dairy & Food Industries.
The company, founded tens of years ago by the Jebrini family, recently acquired an additional salad factory in Rishon Letzion, which developed new salads based on traditional recipes and also set up the most advanced hummus production line in the Middle East.
The hummus production process takes place without any human contact, and is based on the Jebrini family’s authentic recipes combined with the most advanced technology on the market.
This is all in order to guarantee the highest quality and tastiest hummus on the shelf!


דו קיום בין חוויה לבריאות!
Coexistence between experience and health!
Our goal is to introduce to the world the oriental flavors and fragrances of the Mediterranean.
It doesn’t matter where you are in the world, one bite will transport you on a colorful and joyful Mediterranean journey!
And of course we’re looking out for your health, because our quality salads are made from very healthy ingredients,
with an emphasis on freshness, and on a quality production line that is completely reminiscent of food prepared at home!

TheChef’s Recommendation

שף ארז יוסף מספר
A word from Chef Erez Yosef
I’m a veteran chef and throughout my career I’ve tasted a lot of salads produced in various factories.
Recently I was introduced to MEDI’s salads and what a surprise!
I tasted excellent hummus with an amazing consistency thanks to the high percentage of tahini in the recipe.
The eggplant salad (baba ghanoush) was a real delight and the faux-liver pate eggplant salad was delicious and had just the right texture and consistency…
In sum, MEDI make great quality salads that I’ll always be happy to recommend.